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Madeleine Spinos, otherwise known as MADSPIN, is a design professional with a Bachelor degree in Industrial Design already under her belt. She opened her first flagship store in May 2007 on the well-known, funky, cutting-edge, young-designer haven of Greville Street, Prahran in Melbourne, Australia. Several years experience in the development and manufacture of a range of product types saw Madeleine honing her practical skills and MADSPIN has since relocated to a location just off the bustling, fashion-outlet district of Smith Street, Collingwood in Melbourne. Madeleine's dedication to her chosen vocation sees her currently completing a Diploma in Fashion Design & Technology at RMIT School of Fashion.

On her penchant for fashion, Madeleine says, "It is in my blood," and it's true. Clothing construction has always been a part of Madeleine's daily existence. Her life in the 'rag trade' began about 20 years ago. As a young girl, Madeleine would watch her parents wake up very early each morning to face a long, hard day at work in their clothing manufacturing factory. Since she attended the local primary school not far from her parent's warehouse, Madeleine spent countless hours there surrounded by hundreds of cotton looms and all sorts of specialty fabrics. She would cut small blouses for her dolls or draw and design clothing that she would one day love to wear. Madeleine had one dream that she always kept close to her heart: When she grew up she was going to open her own clothing store and her own designs would hang from the racks. Madeleine's dream "to dress the youth of today in cool streetwear" has come true. She has come to a point in her life where she stopped wistfully dreaming and woke up to something worth celebrating. Through MADSPIN, she has discovered a delightful and engaging quest. "MADSPIN ain't about should have, could have, would have. What there is, is yours to take, what there isn't, is yours to create... Love life, love lots"
Madeleine Spinos xoxoxo